Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Outpost Club?

The Outpost Club (“OC”) is an invitation-only, national golf society for people who are passionate about the game. With a membership that draws from across the United States and internationally, our mission is to cultivate a thriving golf society that signifies the very best in the game — where the course design is compelling, the camaraderie is genuine and the experience is always memorable. Above all else, The Outpost Club is intended to provide its members and guests the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with one another.

What privileges come with a Membership?

The OC conducts more than 70 events and dinner matches each year. The OC also provides its members limited playing privileges to a select peer group of architecturally significant private clubs throughout the country—and increasingly around the world.

What type of events will be on the club calendar?

These friendly competitions and international trips come in all types of formats and are intended to foster member camaraderie. Examples include member-guests, member-members, medals, Stablefords, alternate-shot, match play, mixed pairs, net, scratch, etc. Some of the highlights include The Member Guest, The Captain’s Medal, The Punchbowl at Yale, The Cookout at Sand Valley and The Knockout!, a year-long, nation-wide, match play event that culminates in the finals weekend in december. Since 2013, the OC has also organized an annual Hundred Hole Hike Tournament as a way for members and their guests to participate in charitable fundraising. OC Members also compete in an on-going series of “dinner matches” against other clubs and societies domestically and internationally.

Are there non-golf events?

Yes. The club holds an annual Winter Meeting to celebrate the anniversary of the Club as well as toast the out-going and in-coming Captains. There are also a series of other social events around the country, including one in Augusta during Masters week each year and the Holiday Party.

Outside of events, what type of courses can OC members visit?

The OC has entered into agreements with qualifying private clubs in the following categories:

  • Home Clubs: A select few clubs where members play golf without paying a greens fee, for a limited number of days per year;
  • Partner Clubs: A group of clubs where OC members have playing privileges at a special rate for a certain number of days per calendar year. Members will have access to partner club lodging where available.
How were the partner clubs chosen?

The most important criteria is that the club’s course be highly regarded and recognized as architecturally significant.

What does the social network aspect of the club entail?

The Club’s website allows members to securely access an integrated social network where they can easily post profiles, join forums and make contact with fellow members. The site includes details about upcoming events and activities, illustrative profiles of partner clubs and tournament results. Members have complete control over the extent to which they do or do not participate. The Outpost Club respects the privacy of its members.

Is there a charitable component of the Outpost Club?

From the moment the society launched in 2010, The Outpost Club was dedicated to giving back to the community and the game. In the early years, the society chose a theme for their charitable giving each year, from support for veterans and their families, to cancer research, to growing the game at the junior level. Over the years, the Outpost club has helped raise over $350,000. In 2015, we launched a separate 501c3 organization, The Outpost Foundation, to better serves the charitable endeavors of the OC. For more information, please visit: http://outpostfoundation.org/

Is there an initiation fee and how much is the fee?

Yes. The Club’s Membership Director or the member sponsoring the prospective member will provide this information.

What fees are members charged to play partner clubs?

Depending on the Home Club, members can play between two and six days without paying a greens fee.
At Partner Clubs, OC members pay a special rate for the day, which on average ranges between $100 and $300 per player.

Will I ever be assessed for improvements, construction, etc?

No. Outpost Club members will never be assessed.

What lodging options will OC members have at partner clubs?

Where lodging exists, OC members have access to Partner Club lodging. The OC Concierge can also recommend and make reservations at other local lodging when requested by a member.

What is the Outpost Club concierge?

The Club provides a concierge service to members, which enables members to obtain information by phone and email on a 24-hour basis. Members may utilize this service for a variety of activities, including booking tee times as well as dinner and lodging reservations at Home and Partner Clubs. The OC also has a dedicated Events Coordinator ensuring that events are well-organized and run smoothly.

How do I arrange tee times?

All tee time and lodging requests are fulfilled by the Club’s Concierge. All inquiries are responded to within 24 hours of the original request.

Will my family members and guests be able to use the Club?

Yes. Members are allowed to bring at least three (3) guests to all Home and Partner Clubs. Family members are considered guests of the member. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

Must I be an existing private club member to join the OC?

A club affiliation is not necessary in order to be invited, though the majority of OC members already are private club golfers.

What type of person is the OC looking to attract?

The ideal member is someone passionate about the game, who appreciates its history and traditions and enjoys traveling to experience great golf courses with friends and family. This person may have multiple private club memberships, or may aspire to just one. His or her work and family commitments make free time a precious commodity, but when he or she does get to play, they prefer to walk and play quickly.